5 Entrepreneurial Ways To Look More Presentable

There are 5 Entrepreneurial ways you can feel and look more presentable. Women Entrepreneurs are taking over the world and why not take over the world in a classy and presentable suit? The suit, for example, is the perfect statement item and will bring out the sassy, inspiring and confident you!

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There are many ways you can look more presentable and confident without having to break the bank. Looking smarter and more confident will help your business and give a good first impression! Here are 5 entrepreneurial ways to look more presentable.

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Dress to impress

Looking presentable doesn’t have to cost a fortune, there are many great designers and online shops that sell affordable blazers and women suits in all kinds of styles and fabric, whether you like velour, cashmere or silk!

According to research, your style and look is what determines your Entrepreneurial Success and is what people will remember when you are representing your business to a new buyer or client.


The perfect outfit signalises your style, taste and attitude. That is why it’s very common to wear the “suited” look when going to classier places, especially in business meetings or in other formal occasions. When building your first business and emperor you are the face out of the company/organisation, which is why the first impression has a lot to say for how you will succeed in the industry you are pursuing.

Whether you are working with network marketing, promoting products or are starting up an online business, you are the boss. Even though most of us entrepreneur women prefer to work at home in the PJ`s.

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Find a local cafe to work at

The differences between working a 9-5 job and working from home, is that you won’t be surrounded by any colleagues and you can decide the lunch breaks. Even though it might sound like a dream situation, it can also be very one-way-street, especially if you always work from home and never get to see people.

That is why working in a cafe is a great solution. That way you will be surrounded by people and it will make you feel like you are still in the fast-paced environment. Sometimes being in a very quiet place can make us feel rather anxious and lonely.

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Create Your Own Office Space

The only thing about working in cafes is that it can be a bit pricy and not everyone can afford to do this every day. That is why creating your own office space will help your motivation and inspire you to work harder and more effective.

The perfect office space will give you the daily boost you need to achieve your goals and help you get more creative.

How to create your home office space

  • Make your office space creative and accessible, this way you can access all the necessities you need and it will feel like you have more control over your workspace and schedule.
  • The better schedule you have, the easier it is to stay up to date with your tasks. I recommend hanging up a schedule board or a calendar so you can see it in front of you at all times.
  • Vision board – keeping a vision board will help you see your goals and what you want to achieve during your office hours. This will not only motivate you but also inspire you to keep going!


Hope this post was inspiring and that it will help you manage your week a little better! Sometimes all you need is just a little guidance on the way!


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