7 Creative and Smart Ways to Start an Online Business in 2020

Online businesses come in many shapes and forms and there are numerous options to choose from, whether you prefer online marketing within the cosmetics and wellness industry or want to start your own craft shop, there will be something within your league.

Starting an online business can be very challenging at first, it is not the usual 9-5 lifestyle you are used to and you get a lot more freedom to hand. Of course, it depends on what type of job you used to have, but the point of working online is that you no longer need to take your coffee on the go and run for your life to reach the next bus. (We have all been there)

After working for myself online for over 5 years I know a few things about the online business routine and how the entrepreneur’s online business strategies work. And to be honest, it is not an easy and quick route to finding your call, but it has had a huge impact on how I manage time and develop my projects. In other words, working for myself has made a very positive change to my work ethic and taught me how to be my own boss without it being too stressful and difficult.

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So, what is the secret to starting your first online business?


Find your niche

When starting your first online business it is very important to find your niche. Find out what you are good at and what type of industry you would like to operate in. It can be anything from starting your own craft shop, catering business or something simple as a fashion or makeup blog.


Start an online blog

Today the majority of bloggers have become a huge platform for advertisements. PR companies are always looking for new marketing platforms and ways to grow their client’s businesses/shops and their main targets are bloggers and websites with good traffic. This is why affiliate marketing is the biggest method in the marketing industry and it’s a win-win situation for the blogger and the marketer.

I recommend one.com which is a web hotel platform where you can register domains and choose between different packages. It is a very affordable service and I have used it for 4 years.

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When I first headed on my online route to finding my purpose, I created a blog, which got very big in Norway. I learned everything there is to know about earning money on advertisements and affiliate links, it was very new and interesting. After a few years in the blogging industry, I decided to move on and opened my first online magazine called Trendspot which I had from 2010-2011. Sadly I didn`t have the time and energy to continue it anymore so it only lasted for 1 year, however, it was a learning experience for me.

Creating a blog is a good way to begin your entrepreneur journey and you will not only earn money on writing online, but it will also open new doors for other opportunities.

Start a catering business

Most catering businesses today are operating online because it is a quick and profound way to deliver orders.

There will always be enough room for catering, especially for parties and social events. Whether you are a proper foodie or sitting on a brilliant idea, you should start a catering business. You don’t need to be an amazing cook and know every recipe there is from the book. With the right team behind you, anything is possible.


Begin to sell services online

Do you have a specific skill or something that you can offer to companies, small businesses or larger organizations? It can be anything from writing articles to selling translation services to different clients. There are many platforms you can use to showcase your skills and expertise, websites such as Upwork, Guru and fiver. You can find my profile here

By signing up to these websites you can sell your very own services immediately. You get the option to bid and negotiate with clients from all over the world. I signed up to Upwork in 2014 and I have stayed loyal to them ever since, it has made it possible for me to work from home and selling my localization, SEO, and copy-writing services.

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Open a Craft Shop

Another way to showcase your skills and talents is by opening a craft shop online. This is especially a good idea if you like to be creative and want to get more recognition for your work. There are websites you can sign up with to start selling your crafts and handmade creations, for example, Etsy which is a brilliant platform for artists and I have used it myself, you can earn a few bucks.

Whether you want to sell jewelry, handmade pillow covers, or painted cups and cutleries, the options are many. The imagination has no limits.

Try writing down a short reminder of WHY you need to get something done below every 'to do' you put down on your agenda this week. Sign paperwork? Because it gets me closer to get my business going and that will bring me the fulfillment and freedom I desire. Declutter wardrobe? Because it makes me feel more productive, relieved and organized, while clearing space for the new. Publish a new blogpost?...

Start an online course

Are you sitting on information and experience about something that might help people? Maybe there are things you can teach others?

Starting an online course is a very quick but good way to find your audience. This could be anything within lifestyle changes (for example, how to juggle being a full-time mum and still be happy or how to be a student without being in debt), maybe you can teach people how they can find love or new friendships. The choices are endless and let’s face it, people will always appreciate guidance.

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How much should you take for these courses?

This is a tricky one. You have to remember that you are spending time out of your day and sharing valuable information. Of course, you should get paid for this, but always choose prices that are affordable and always keep in mind who`s your main audience. If your main target is students then they are most likely not going to be able to afford a course that costs $100. Study your audience and make sure you are selling courses that will benefit them in the long run.

Create a vegan brand

Because of the variety of brands out there, it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. That is why creating a vegan brand could be the first stepping stone into the cosmetics industry. There are many reasons why more and more people have decided to become vegan, mostly because of its cruelty-free environment and the that it’s based on 100% natural ingredients.

The vegan trends have taken over the world and have become a widely spread awareness campaign about cruelty in the industry. Vegan brands are very different from the majority of brands and therefore there are different ways to how you can make the products, whether you want to stand behind the producing process yourself or hire sustainable factories to do it for you.

How to do it

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  • Think differently – create a brand that’s different from the other vegan brands and use your creativity and imagination. What’s lacking in the industry?
  • Do some research and find out what people want, maybe some products should be more vegan, for example, a vegan perfume? (let me know if anyone is grabbing this idea, hah)

Start a YouTube channel

You might have thought of the idea of starting a YouTube channel, or maybe you already have, but don’t know how to make it into an online business?

We all know that you can earn big money on YouTube videos, but it is not so easy as it sounds. First and mostly you have to post videos almost every day, at least a few times a week to be able to earn money from it. But it is possible to make it into a career! 

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By using the YouTube platform you can share your opinions, experience, or stories, and its a good way to climb the social media ladder. Invest in the right equipment and begin creating videos, you never know it might help you on your entrepreneurial route to success.


I hope you like this article and that it brings you something good. I wish you the best of luck in starting your first business!


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