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How can you dress more business savvy? Win over clients with the first impression? Become more attractive in the world of business and entrepreneurship?

Whether you are a boss mum trying to earn a living with your side hustle within network marketing or a fulltime student trying to build your first business, the first impression is always important when you want to connect with new potential clients or partners.

Not everything is about the way we look, of course, but if you are going to make it in the business world and earn a name in the industry you are working in, it is important to dress the way you want people to view your business! Let’s say you run a beauty salon and you are selling hair products or makeup for a living – to make people come to your salon and to buy your products, you need to show them off in a way, and how do you do that? Exactly, by wearing them! This is the perfect way how to win over clients.

The same goes for any emperor you are trying to build. You need to find a way to look presentable, but still be able to show them your character, attitude and ambitious personality. 

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There are secret methods that can be used to achieve this, without robbing a bank or take out your entire life savings. To be honest with you, it doesn`t need to cost a fortune to look more presentable and professional.

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How to dress to impress new clients

Find the perfect accessory or colour that matches your eyes, skin complexion, personality and attitude that will show people how you will be a bonus for them to work with. This is especially for those boss ladies that meet up with new clients every week or attend business meetings with different people. Unless it is for a fashion or makeup brand/company then the client is most likely not going to care about what you are wearing.

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Less is more – Focus on the details

The secret is to wear outfits with fewer accessories and focus more on the small details, for example, a bright coloured lipstick, a classy watch or a minimalistic but pretty necklace. The fewer blings and blits you wear to interviews, meetings or potential client meetups, the more you will stand out and they will remember you.

However it also very often depends on whether the person you are meeting up with is a woman or a man because most women do have an eye for fashion and handbags and high-end shoes, so if it`s the “Devil Wears Prada” woman that`s waiting on the other side of the table, pick out a thoroughly sophisticated but modern outfit! (Just to be on the safe side)   

But more importantly, remember to dress in a way that gives the other person an idea of your professionalism and personality. This will show them what type of female entrepreneur you really are, whether its bossy, fun, relaxed, creative or mysterious. Give them a hint, it will make them curious, but don’t give away too much!        

Wear a bright coloured lipstick

Another trick in the book is wearing bright coloured lipstick, for example, red, burgundy or pink-ish. These are the three colours that go with any outfits and suit most women. Depending on the look you go for, I always find that the colour red is the most “successful” colour to wear when trying to win over a client or meeting new people. In fact, according to research the colour red signalises confidence, success and empowerment and has proven to draw people`s attention, especially men.

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Even though its a sophisticated and bold colour, there are different shades to choose from. Especially if you are not a very particular fan of bright or dark reds, you might like a shade lighter. A lot of women also feel younger, sexier and more empowered when wearing their red lippies.

Wear a Suit or Blazer

The suit is the perfect piece to wear for business or conference meetings and will help take your usual look to the next level. For example, a pantsuit is a good choice for these type of meetings. A pantsuit will make you look professional, confident and bold, or if you prefer to only wear a blazer or suit jacket it will spice up any boring or ordinary outfits.   

Suit, pantsuit, blazer – whatever you call it, it is always a winner for any dinner parties, business meetings or company events!

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We hope you like our fashion advice and that you will nail your next interview or meeting!

What do you wear for your business or formal meetings?


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