17 Amazing New Year Resolutions Ideas That Will Boost Your Career

New year resolutions are a good way to plan the next year and improve our skills, work efforts and find ways to achieve our goals. Whatever it is you want to achieve for next year now is the time to get a headstart and write down your new year resolutions, whether it is for starting a new business, developing a new skill or help your career reach a new milestone.

Why write new year resolutions?

Out with the old, in with the new as they say. So why should you really write new year resolutions for yourself? Well, first of all, it is very beneficial for your self-improvement, career and life goals. Maybe you have plans for 2020 to start an online business, jump on a graphic design course or want to reach the next big step in building your empire.

New year resolutions help on motivation, determination and will give you an idea of what you want to make happen the next year. Of course, this won’t work if you aren’t determined to make changes and stick to your resolution, then its no point writing one. However, if you are looking for ideas for the new year resolutions for 2020, then I have already written 17 new year resolutions you can copy and work towards.

Entrepreneur Women Daily - 17 New Year Resolutions

Write Down Your Main Goals For 2020

The first thing I recommend when writing new year resolutions is to find out what your main goals for 2020 are. Is there something you want to achieve in your current job, do you have a specific skill you want to develop or is there a step in your current career you want to work towards? Write down your main goals and find out what you want to focus on for the next year. This is the best way to find out how to write the resolution.

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1. Focus More On Self-Care

The main importance of writing new year resolutions is to find out how to improve yourself. Is there something you can do differently? To focus more on your self-improvement is to put your health and wellness before anything else. Remember that your wellness is the main key to a successful life. Have you been extra stressed this year?

Find a way to remove yourself from stressful situations and focus on finding solutions rather than accepting the negatives. The quicker you can step out of your stressful state of mind, you will feel more at ease with yourself and can relax more. The mind has a brain of its own sometimes and that’s when it’s so easy to become aggravated, tired or you guessed it…stressed.

The best way to take control over the situation is to stop and think, breathe and focus on how to turn the situation, state of mind into something positive. What usually helps in these situations is either to take a walk, do some meditation or read a book, listen to music and do something different than what you are doing at the moment. Focus on your health and never neglect your feelings, emotions and tiredness. In other words, always Listen to your body before anything.

2. Find Out Your Priorities

To help you achieve your goals for next year it is important to find out your priorities. What is it that you should prioritise more? Is there something that is holding you back from achieving those dreams of yours, or maybe people in your life that are adding more to the stress? Think about what and who you want to prioritise and let go of the things and people you feel are making it harder for you to take the steps in order for you to give yourself the successful life you deserve. Sometimes letting go and making more space for our thoughts and feelings is the way to become happier and successful!

 Entrepreneur Women Daily - 17 New Year Resolutions

Remember that letting go of something isn’t selfish, its beneficial for your health, wealth and success!

3. Travel More and Discover New Ideas

Another thing to add to your new year resolutions board is to travel more. It is true that people who travel more are happier people! When you travel to new places you discover new ideas and ways to do things. For example, going to places that rank very well in the industry you operate in will give you new ideas for running your business and taking it up a notch! If you are selling beauty products, book a trip to Korea, Japan or maybe Tokyo?

Entrepreneur Women Daily - 17 New Year Resolutions

The Korean makeup industry is big on beauty products and is always a step ahead of the world, because of their expanded technology branches and entrepreneurs that are working on new ideas everyday. The wholesale industry is especially big in Eurasia and will surprise you and give you plenty of exciting ideas and methods to take your beauty shop/blog/store to the next level!

Whatever it is you are selling or promoting the best way to find the “next big thing” for your industry is to discover new places and markets!

4. Invest More Time To Learn New Things

The best way to exercise your brain and keep you motivated is to invest time in self-development. You can do this by reading a book, listen to a podcast or go to more seminars. Learn from people that have done well in the industry or career path you want to be in and learn from it! The more you learn, the wiser you get and you will find new ways and methods to turn your business and career into something you can be proud of.

Entrepreneur Women Daily - 17 New Year Resolutions

There are plenty of free books, podcasts and seminars to invest your time in and it will benefit you in so many ways. I have bought so many books over the years and it has helped me grow, find new ideas and tought me a lot about how to run my online business.

Cecilia Keinapel, CEO and founder of Entrepreneur Women Daily

5. Take More Breaks and Treat Yourself

One of the things that I have written in my new year resolutions is to take more breaks. I have been working non-stop throughout 2019 and haven`t given myself enough breaks which have resulted in me feeling overworked and exhausted. This is because I love to work and whenever I feel either sad or angry I focus on doing my work rather than working out my feelings. I do not recommend this and I had to learn the hard way.

Entrepreneur Women Daily - 17 New Year Resolutions

So for 2020, I am going to take more breaks and I recommend you to the same, especially if you have overworked yourself as I have. We, entrepreneur women, deserve more breaks and to treat ourself during the week by either going for a shopping spree, booking a weekend somewhere or have a relaxing spa day. Therefore I am already looking for trips back to Spain, a weekend away in New York and some shopping trips to either Tokyo or Japan. Cause why? I deserve it after all the hard work! Who wants to go on a trip with me?

6. Have More Fun and Enjoy Life

When working hard it is sometimes easy to forget that we are only human and not working robots. We deserve to have more fun and enjoy life. Workaholics, like myself, will prioritise work and career instead of going out during weekends. Whilst it is good to focus on work, I have found out that it is okay to have a glass of wine once in a while and enjoy the weekend fully.

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As a freelancer and translator, I work online and wherever I go, the job comes with me. Because I work for myself I do have to schedule my week and weekend and therefore it is very easy to forget to have a break when the weekend comes up. Either go for a drink with my friends or do something fun that will give me more energy for the upcoming week. It is okay to log off and focus on enjoying life!

7. Give Yourself More Credit

Whatever it is you have been doing the past year and what your next plans are, remember to give yourself credit. Very often we forget to give ourselves a pat on the back when we have achieved something, completed a project, sold something or signed a new contract. It is okay to be proud of yourself and you deserve the recognition. So, next time you make something happen, give yourself more credit for it and show the world that you are damn proud of your achievement!

Entrepreneur Women Daily - 17 New Year Resolutions

8. Wake Up Earlier and Get More Hours

New year, new morning routine. If you haven`t changed your morning routine yet, here is a hint. After I tried waking up at 5 AM for a week I find it very beneficial and it helped me on so many levels. However, I slowly went back to my usual sleeping-in habit because of the holidays and that is something I want to change for next year. Waking up earlier in the morning will help you achieve more, become more awake and give you more motivation for the day.

I know how hard it is to change this habit, especially if you are not a morning person… but it is not impossible.

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9. Spend Less Time On Social Media

This one is not an easy one. So many businesses are depending on social media these days that it is impossible to log off sometimes. Because of the world we live in today a lot of communication happens on our apps. Whilst this might be a good way to communicate it is also very time consuming and can make us forget about the real world. Remember that what you see on Instagram is only a “glamorous” image of our reality and isn`t always achievable.

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It is okay to take time off your phone and spend more time outside of social media. As an Instagrammer and lifestyle representative, I make sure to post at least two photos each day for my nearly 20,000 followers to keep up the engagement and whilst that might be good for my Instagram account it is not always the best thing for my health. That`s why I have decided to log off more and spend less time on my social media accounts.

Spending less time on social media have proven to make you more creative, self-aware and for some even more motivated. It is so easy to go down a dark path and compare yourself with others and this is why you should take a break once in a while and focus more on your physical health rather than what looks good on your Instagram feed. Who`s going to write this one down?

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10. Surround Yourself With Successful People

For the next new year, you should take some time and think about where you want to see yourself in the next few months. Many entrepreneurs and business owners have said that the first step in achieving a successful business is to surround yourself with positive and like-minded people. For example, if you want to become a millionaire, you need to surround yourself with millionaires. If you want to become a CEO of a big company you need to find company owners and interact with them. Learn from them and find out their secrets.

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Forget about people with lower standards and give yourself the benefit of the doubt – successful people don’t spend time with lower minded and negative people, is the number one reason to why having fewer friends is better than having people around you that are either sceptical, pessimistic or afraid of changes. Never let other people influence you if it’s not beneficial for your career and self-improvement!

11. Buy a Planner To Target Your Career and Goals

Investing in a planner for 2020 will help you get more organised and keep you on track with your career or business journey. I have used my Law of Attraction planner from Amazon for years and its amazing! Get yours here

Try writing down a short reminder of WHY you need to get something done below every 'to do' you put down on your agenda this week. Sign paperwork? Because it gets me closer to get my business going and that will bring me the fulfillment and freedom I desire. Declutter wardrobe? Because it makes me feel more productive, relieved and organized, while clearing space for the new. Publish a new blogpost?...

I always make sure to spend a few hours of my Sunday to plan the next week and manifest my desires and goals. I love writing down what I want to happen the upcoming week/weekend and it helps me to remember important events or things I need to do. This is definitely something you should remember to write in your new year resolutions!

12. Find a New Hobby

Finding a new hobby will make you more creative and help you find ways to entertain yourself during the day. This could be anything from doing crosswords to taking your friends to a book club. Developing a new hobby will make you relax more and you will feel like you are doing something more than just working.

Though watching Netflix might feel like a hobby for some, doing something psychical will be the key to your downtime. Why not sign up for a painting course or learn how to play an instrument?

13. Write a Business or Career Plan

When writing your New Year Resolutions it is important to write a business or career plan that you can use when you are unsure of what you want to achieve for the new year. Write down bullet points, ideas and monthly goals for each month. Maybe you want to earn more money, sign more clients, sell more products or reach a specific target each day/week/month.

You can write it in your planner or scribble it down on your vision board so you can see it every day. It is always a good idea to have a plan for what you want to do the upcoming months. This will also help manifest goals and dreams and make you feel more motivated.

14. Be More Productive

Something that I have written down in my new year resolutions is being more productive. I am going to focus more on the important things and kill procrastination while I still can. It is so easy to become unmotivated and start procrastinating instead of just getting on with the chores. Even though how much it hurts in the moment, I know that doing the work and the tasks will be beneficial for the long run. In other words, less YouTube and Netflix!

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15. Switch Off The Phone

Oh well.. this is a tricky one! I have a habit of checking my emails in the middle of the night or scrolling on the phone until I end up in that weird corner of youtube again where I am looking at cute puppies and pregnancy reveals. Anyone else?

This is why I have decided to start switching off the phone before going to bed. I know I cant rely on my phone alarm anymore, so I probably have to invest in a normal alarm clock! But I know this will be hugely beneficial and will make it easier to go to bed at a normal time – which means I can’t hit that snooze button any longer. (Oh dear…)

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16. Make Decisions That’s Good For YOU

Making the right decisions can sometimes be difficult, especially when it can affect other people in your life. To make the right decision for you, remember to be honest with yourself and don’t let other peoples opinions control you. Think about the pros and cons when making the choices and always make sure that it will be good for you. Sometimes in life, it’s okay to be selfish and make your happiness the biggest priority.

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If a certain someone in your life or at work won’t respect your choices, then they are not thinking about your best interest. Always listen to people that want you to be successful, happy and prosperous!

17. Change Your Mindset

The last thing you should add to your new year resolutions is positive thinking. By changing your mindset you will change your life. There are ways you can train your brain to become more positive, optimistic and learn new thinking patterns. I always use the law of attraction or daily affirmations to improve my mindset. You can do anything you want in life, simply by believing it and feeling the changes! Make sure that your thought process is beneficial and positive and don’t let negative thoughts, opinions or situations take control over your mindset.

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There are hundreds of videos on youtube you can listen to each morning and night to help you become more positive and motivated and to make your dream a reality!

Are you ready to make 2020 your best year yet?


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