Entrepreneur Woman Dating Advice – Get More Time To Date

Being a successful entrepreneur woman, you don’t always have time to date as your main focus is your business and improving your relationship with your clients. Even though you might have had a fair share of dates in the past (where maybe not everyone was top-notch), and it can be easy to feel lonely, especially when you are working long hours or never have time to meet anyone. Therefore dating as a business owner can be a challenge! However if you find time and energy to have more fun and be spotaneous, you will be surprised how much impact it has on your business.

This article is for you if you are looking for a way to have more time to date or if you want to find a partner.

When running a female emperor you don’t have time to go on dates, scroll through Tinder or do anything out of the unusual to find a partner. Dating can be very time-consuming, which is why most successful people find their partners either through work connections or on business trips. It’s okay to feel lonely.

Thankfully, we at Entrepreneur Women Daily have shared some dating advice so you can mix business with pleasure. Mixing business with pleasure isn’t a bad thing, (unless you’re having sex with your boss ofc, then it’s not the best idea). Dating as a business owner can be possible if you just know how to schedule your week so you have some hours free!

Be more available

When focusing on your business 24/7 it’s so easy to become stressed, tired, and unavailable. This sends out a signal to other people that you are too busy and never have time for some fun. That you never have time for them.

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Loosen up and be more available for your friends, family, and even guys. If you want to find yourself a partner, this is the first thing you need to do. Forget about all your to-do lists, fully scheduled months, and all the meetings you’re going to have. Put your laptop on sleep mode, take on your best outfit and call that guy you have been speaking to! You are allowed 1 day where you don’t think about work.

Just because you let yourself get carried away a little bit, doesn’t mean you are not a successful entrepreneur woman. Dating as a business owner doesn’t have to be so difficult, just be more available, answer the phone when someone tries to reach you. You never know, it could be Mr. Right.

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Schedule at least one date a week

I know it might not be for everyone, but when dating someone you really like, you should schedule at least one date a week to find time for the person you like. Whether it is a Wednesday or a quick drink on Saturday night. Making time for your crush is important. Especially if you really like the person!

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If you are single and haven’t met anyone yet, you can plan a date with someone you recently started talking to or do the so obvious – Download a dating app. I advise you to not use Tinder though, unless you are only looking for casual fun.

By picking one day a week, you have something to look forward to and you can plan your week around it. Even though you are a successful entrepreneur woman, you should allow yourself to meet people.

Don’t let your business take over your life

It is so easy to let our business take over our lives because the only thing we focus on day and night is our businesses. Whatever you do on a daily basis, it is important to have a balance.

I used to be the person that would work hours on the computer until late at night and completely forget to live. Go out with friends, date, go on weekend trips. Instead, I was often sitting inside, working and only thinking about how to improve my business. After a few years constantly on the computer, answering emails or phone calls you get to learn that there is more to life than doing business.

It’s okay to have fun and you are not a robot!

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Even though your business is important, so is your social life. Whatever you do, always prioritize a little bit of fun in between your heavily scheduled weeks. Don`t worry I won’t kiss and tell!

Going out for a drink or two once in a while is okay! You are still the same successful entrepreneur woman, even though you have something tasty in your glass on a Friday night!

Plan your hours better

Depending on your schedule and your work, I would say the best advice is to plan your hours better. Wake up earlier, move some things around to create some space in your calendar for other things, like dating, exercising, brunching with your friends – whatever you want to have more time for!

Dating as a business owner can be fun…

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This way you also have more time for dating and it will be a lot easier to meet someone. Even though you work in a busy environment and rarely have time to meet someone outside of work, you never know if someone in another department could be an ideal match for you. Don’t be so tied down with your schedule and give yourself some hours of freedom! Be clever about your planning and remember that you deserve to be loved.

We hope this article has been inspiring and that it has given you an idea of how to be an entrepreneur woman and still have time for some fun once in a while. After all the work you have put into your business, you deserve it!


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