5 things to check to make your business better

Have you ever wondered how entrepreneurs out there have made their money? Have you recently started a blog or website and want to know how to make your business better?

One of the main reasons your business still haven’t kicked off can be because you haven’t given it much thought, or maybe it’s because you just don’t know how to improve it and convert your audience into clients or customers. But, hey it’s okay to fail in the beginning!

You have to fail a few times to become better!

Find out the reason why your business isn’t booming with sales and make your business better right now

There can be multiple reasons why a business is failing or doesn’t get the recognition it deserves, for example, your SEO (search engine optimization), that your page doesn’t show up in Google pages, your bounce rate is too high, or even that your website is slow when loading.

This is why it’s always important to make sure to optimize, update your plugins (if you are using WordPress), and update your content on your website.

Most businesses have a website which is one of the most crucial factors when running a business. You can make your business better by thinking outside the box and spend more time improving and optimizing your online business.

In this article, I have added a few things you should check to make sure your online business is up to speed. Let’s dive into it!

5 things to check and how to make your business better

There are a few things you can improve to make your business better and below we have added a few pointers you can check and use to find out how to make your business better than competitors.

Check your SEO

If you are running a website, especially a WordPress website there are a few plugins you can use in order to optimize your posts and pages better to improve your SEO scores. SEO is so important in this day and time and one of the typical reasons a website isn’t ranking or hasn’t been indexed by Google yet, is your SEO.

By searching for the right keywords you can drive organic traffic to your posts/pages and it will make it a lot more fun to run a website. The better the SEO score, the more traffic you get.

A good SEO score is between 40 and 60, but try to aim for above 80 to receive a perfect SEO score.

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Did you know this? Focusing on your SEO Its actually proven to have a huge impact on your website’s traffic than using pay-per-click. So think about that next time you want to pay for a service! The best thing? SEO is totally free!

This is probably how you found our website because we have been focusing on our SEO score recently. SEO is definitely the main focus if you want to find out how to make your business better.

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Update your content

Another reason your online business hasn’t got recognize is your content. The more quality content you have, the more people will appreciate your website and your content. Everyone can write a post but if you don’t write quality content, your audience will lose interest and will click out of the page in a heartbeat.

5 Things To Check and How To Make Your Business Better

After I’ve been working for a few big clients, updating and optimizing their content, I have learned a few things about running a website.

Updating your content will have a big impact on how your readers view your website and you won’t receive the recognition you deserve if you don’t post regularly.

Check your websites health

Very few know this but there is actually a tool that you can use to check your website’s health, especially if you run a WordPress website.

Checking your website’s health has proven to improve your online business and is one of the main things to check if you want your website to run smoothly. If the website for your online business is healthy, it won’t impact your loading speed which will result in more traffic. The health of your website is just as important as your own health.

So, if you are on this article to find out how to make your business better, this point is crucial.

Are you writing quality content?

As we mentioned above, writing quality content is very important in order to rank in Google or other search engines. Any website can have content on its website, but if the quality isn’t good enough or if it’s too generic it won’t rank.

5 Things To Check and How To Make Your Business Better

Several paragraphs (or no paragraphs at all), no photos, etc it’s making your content seem too generic and googles crawlers won’t think your content is quality or valuable enough.

This is one of the main reasons why your website isn’t showing up in Google’s indexed pages.

Your websites design

Okay, so this one is obvious. The design of your website has EVERYTHING to say about your online business`s success. If your website design isn’t interesting, modern or “unique” people will click out of it immediately. Working with many clients, smaller to bigger retail names in the industry, I’ve learned that if your website isn’t interesting enough, very few people will remain on your website.

5 Things To Check and How To Make Your Business Better

Is your design modern and does it fit today’s trends?

– Having a modern website will make your website seem “trendy” and send out a signal that you are following trends and are always up to speed.

Is your design relevant to your content?

If your web design isn’t relevant to your content and what you are writing about, your readers/customers will become confused. Let’s give an example.

If you’re visiting a website about furniture and the website is using a web design that is either pink or very colorful and doesn’t match the furniture or the products you are selling and writing about, you might become confused. This is why a lot of web designers and websites like Themeforest are selling different “themes” for each industry.

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This is why many fashion or makeup websites use “specific” themes that match their business and content. If you are selling or writing about products that are happy, colorful, and more lively it makes sense to use a more happy and colorful theme.

What type of fonts are you using on your website?

You might not know this but the fonts on your website have a lot to say about how serious your online business is. If you have a website with fonts like “comic sans”, people won’t take you seriously and this will make them less interested in your content. According to this article, it’s scientifically proven that people hate Comic Sans.

Therefore always make sure to use a font that matches your web design, what your online business is about and you will see a massive improvement in your traffic.

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Do you use enough colors?

Science has proven that colors make us more drawn to things. Colors like red, yellow, green, and pink are typical colors that make us more invested in what we are reading. If you only use grey and dark colors the readers will feel that it’s a boring “atmosphere” and it will make them feel negative.

This is why MacDonalds for example, use red and yellow because it sends out a signal to our brains that it’s a “healthy” and “happy” color scheme and it makes us more positive.

Want to know how to make your business better than competitors? Use enough colors and be clever with your design.

We hope you loved this article and we wish you the best of luck with your business! Hopefully, our tips have shown you how to make your business better than competitors.

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