5 Amazing Content Marketing Strategies For Smaller Businesses

What is content marketing, and how can you implement it to take your business to the next level? After working with over 300+ clients in both content marketing and copywriting, I have learned a few proven and simple content marketing strategies that will certainly boost your conversion rate, bounce rate and help you achieve long-term success.

From smaller businesses to bigger, familiar brands, I have learned a lot about how content marketing actually works and how you can easily write your way to the top. In this article, I will share the best content marketing strategies for small businesses.

Content marketing strategies for smaller businesses

content marketing strategies
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Why content marketing is important for your business

I thought I could briefly share what content marketing actually is and why it’s a key factor for your business. Did you know that the best and cheapest way to market your business is through content marketing, SEO strategies and keyword research?

Yep. You don’t need a lot of money to get started, the only thing you need is knowledge and the motivation to write your own content. I am reading a brilliant book at the minute, which is called SEO 2022 by Adam Clarke. If you want to know more about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you will love this book!

To be able to pull off the content marketing hat, you need to know how to do backup research and write interesting, relevant, and relatable content for your audience/readers. You also have to learn how to do keyword analysis by using different keyword tools, for example, SEMrush or Keyword Tool.

Here is also a great article about content marketing strategies by Ashrefs, which is a fantastic keyword tool I use every day when I write content for my clients.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a very popular marketing strategy that focuses on publishing, creating, and distributing content for targeted customers. With this strategy, you write content, followed by SEO activities and keyword implementation. You have to implement the right keywords when writing your content and always make sure it is either transactional or engaging with the customers or readers.

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1. Quality content is key

If you truly want to succeed in content marketing, you need to check if your content is of high quality. Your readers value high quality, and the better your posts are, the more engaging your readers will be. Engaged readers = better conversions.

content marketing strategies

Anyone can write a blog post or article, and therefore search engines like, for example, Google value and appreciate high-quality content. Working in content marketing, I quickly learned that websites with better quality will last longer on the market, compared to a website that uses paid traffic to stay relevant. This might be shocking for some, but it is actually true. This is where many businesses, especially startups, make a mistake because organic traffic is what’s going to be the foundation of your traffic in the future. The more stable your organic traffic will be, the longer your business and content will stay online and create new engagement every year.

After writing a blog for years called Brand And Beauty I still received traffic from an ancient product review I had written years prior and every Christmas my traffic was boosted because people would search for the product and immediately find my blog review on Google’s first page. This is why the best way to boost your website is to write quality posts, update your content now and then and continue using content marketing strategies for small business.

You don’t have to pay a lot of money to be able to reach success.

2. Always engage with your customers/readers

You might not think so, but engaging with your customers or readers, answering their questions, or even leaving feedback in their comments has a huge impact on your traffic. If the customer/readers feel valued and appreciated, especially after spending time at your website, reading your content – they will consider you to be someone that appreciates them and takes time out of your day to respond or show interest in what they have to say about your content or product/service.

Something I often like to do is to end my articles with a question to leave room for my readers to leave their comments and opinions!

They would want to come back to your website on a later occasion because they know they will receive answers or feedback, and they will know that you read what they got to say.

This “rule” should apply to any content your readers or customers are engaging in, whether it is on your website or Instagram. Always make sure to answer any comments or feedback!

3. Write content that is useful

What do you think your customers or readers would want to know when visiting your website or shop? Put yourself in their shoes. By writing content that is useful and relevant to your shop/website/blog, you will quickly see that they will come back to read your content.

Think of customers’ intentions, typical questions about your content, and what it is you are promoting/selling. Is there anything specific about your products or blog that can be useful for the audience? Is there something you can do differently to make your content/products seem more valuable?

4. Never compare yourself with competitors

One of the biggest mistakes businesses or business owners do in the beginning is to compare themselves with their competitors. Even if you are working in the same niche, you should never look at what your competitor is doing because that way you won’t be original anymore. You will, instead, be striving to be more like them, and you are not like them. You are unique, different, and have your own way of doing things.

Furthermore, you can, of course, get inspiration and find out their secrets, but you should never write content or copy their writing styles or the way they promote their content. But, If you do, don’t make it too obvious!

It might seem like a good idea at first, but it will only make your business seem unprofessional and make you look more like a copycat.

5. Produce your own content

When starting a business or blog, intending to make it into more than a hobby, you should always aim to produce your own content. Take your own pictures, record your own videos, or find someone that can do it for you. Make sure your mock-ups and pictures/videos are of high quality and original. Be creative and find ways to promote it online, so it reaches the right audience.

The more original your photos and videos are, the more engaged your audience will become. Everyone like something pretty to look at!

How do you market your business?

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